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All packages and their eventual content are dependent on the amount of information available and the records found. There are no guarantees as to a positive search result in every case. In the absence of a service record or other documentation no refund of the initial search fee can be given as it only covers the time spent on the search itself and not its result.

Once the initial search has been completed the researcher will contact the enquirer to notify them of the findings of that search and advise them whether there is sufficient information to proceed with a particular package. The enquirer then chooses which package they want based on the amount of information available, their personal requirements and their budget. All outstanding payments (the cost of the report) must be made prior to the report being completed.

Basic Report (Included in the cost of the Initial Search)
The Basic Report is a brief summary of the results of the Initial Search.  It covers the salient points of a soldier's full military service and is presented in a folder.  The cost of the report is incorporated within the Initial Search Fee of £60 and therefore no supplementary payment is required. This report is ideal for enquirers who simply require the rudimentary details of a soldier's military service and provides the following information where available:
  • The soldier's date and place of birth.
  • The date and place of his enlistment into the army.
  • The regiments and battalions he served with during his service.
  • The theatres of war in which he served.
  • A list of any major battles and actions in which he fought.
  • Details of all gallantry and campaign medals he earned.
  • Details of his death if during service.
  • Date and place of his discharge from the army if appropriate.

Standard Report £125
The Standard Report is a comprehensive summary of the soldier's full military service presented in a folder with each page of the report watermarked with the relevant regimental badge or emblem. This report is based on the findings of both the Initial Search and a further period of half a day of research to ascertain more facts and detail and gain a more in-depth knowledge of the subject of the enquiry and their service. As well as the information contained in the Basic Report the following additional material will be included where available:
  • Summary of birth and family.
  • All census information found on the soldier prior to enlistment.
  • Details of promotions, conduct and awards whilst in service.
  • An overview of each of the major battles and actions in which he fought.
  • Reasons for discharge if not due to expiry of term of service.
  • All census information found on the soldier after his discharge from the army if applicable.
  • Details of marriage and children.
  • Date and place of death if not in service.
  • Copies of all relevant documentation such as service records included as appendices to the finished report.

Gold Report £360
The Gold Report is presented as a full narrative of a soldier's military service. It places the soldier as the central character in the story of a particular episode in British military history. It is packaged in a presentation buckram cloth folder in a choice of colours with a themed cover page and all subsequent sheets watermarked with the regimental badge. This report is based on the findings of both the Initial Search and a substantial period of research to ascertain more facts and detail and gain a more in-depth knowledge of the subject of the enquiry and his or her service. The cost also covers the extensive time required to complete the final report and present it in its finished form. It contains everything mentioned in the Standard Report but the report itself is in narrative form. It includes the following additional material:
  • A history of the regiment or regiments in which the soldier served.
  • A full account of the campaigns in which the soldier served.
  • A full account of the major battles and actions in which the soldier fought.
  • Relevant pictures and images to accompany the narrative.
  • Relevant maps to illustrate battles and campaigns.

Gold Plus Report £375
The Gold Plus Report is identical to the Gold Report except that the finished report is presented in a leather folder in a choice of colours, embossed with a personalised heading on the front cover.

The Gold and Gold Plus Reports would be ideal as gifts to a family member or someone special and can be passed on through future generations as family heirlooms and permanent records of an ancestor's military exploits.

If the subject of an enquiry was a soldier whose military service encompassed periods both before and after 1914, then a bespoke package may apply, depending on the circumstances of that service.  The case will be evaluated to ascertain whether it is likely to take time and resources well beyond those usually required for the completion of a standard package.  If so, then a bespoke package would be appropriate. In these circumstances, the research team at Unknown Soldier will discuss the case with the enquirer with a view to providing an estimate of the time needed and a quote for the cost of the finished package.
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" I am really thrilled with all the hard work you have done, and am also impressed by the way the results are presented.  I cannot thank you enough!  A very pleased customer."
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