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What We Do

Unknown Soldier is a military research service which explores 200 years of the British Army’s history between the years 1745 and 1945 and which specialises in soldier research.

If you have a relative, an ancestor or a person of interest who served with the British Army between those years and would like to know more about them and the regiments and campaigns in which they served, Unknown Soldier offers a comprehensive range of services to uncover their soldiering past.

Perhaps they served in one of the theatres of World War Two or fought in or above the trenches of World War One.  Maybe they saw action in the numerous conflicts around the globe in defence of Britain’s empire.  Perhaps they went to war with Wellington against the French or carried a musket into battle against the colonists of the American Revolution.  Whether they served on distant shores against belligerent nations or faced threats closer to home they all have a story waiting to be told.

That is where the knowledgeable and dedicated team at Unknown Soldier can help. By knowing where to look and what to look for, and utilising investigative skills and attention to detail honed from years of professional experience, these records can be traced and the information they contain assimilated. Clues can be uncovered and identified, and by painstakingly piecing them together and making sense of them, the soldier and his story can come to life.

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"Thank you again for the work you did researching my father's military career and the detail you have gone into for him.  If anyone expresses an interest in getting the same sort of work done on their family members I will certainly pass on your details."
Carol Buttacci from Hampshire
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Lance Corporal Ernest Saunders served with the 5th Battalion of the Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry and later the 9th Battalion of the Royal Inniskillin Fusiliers. He died from wounds on 15th October, 1918. He is buried at the Dadizele Communal Cemetery near Ypres in Belgium.
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