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Initial Search Fees
Before any enquiry can be undertaken a fee for the initial search for records and archives needs to be paid.  This covers the time needed to make the initial search.  The initial search fee can be paid by either enclosing a cheque with the submission of the Enquiry Form, or by BACS transfer through the bank, arranged after the completed form has been received by us.
  • The fee for Soldier Enquiries pertaining to a soldier who served between 1914 and 1920 is £40.
  • For Soldier Enquiries pertaining to soldiers who served after 1920, an application for their service records has to be made to the Ministry of Defence.  This application can be made directly to the MoD by the enquirer who will be charged a fee of £30.   Unknown Soldier can apply for the records on behalf of the enquirer for an additional fee of £25.
  • The fee for Soldier Enquiries for those who served in the British Army prior to 1914 is £60*.
  • For General Enquiries relating to our other research services (e.g. the provenance of medals) the initial search fee is £45.
Once the initial search is complete the enquirer will be notified of the results of the search and can then choose the type of report or package they would like to proceed with.  All basic reports are included in the cost of the initial search fee.

Please note - information pertaining to soldiers who served in the British Army before 1914 is not always available in the public domain and therefore is not so easily accessible. This type of research tends to be more specialised and usually requires the researcher to undertake visits to various establishments such as the National Archives or regimental museums in order to access documents and archive records.  For this reason the price of the research is higher than those regarding the First World War in order to cover various costs and expenses incurred by such visits.

Our Packages
Click on the image below that relates to your soldier and his period of service to find out about the packages relating to each and how much they cost.
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