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Perhaps you have a query that does not require a full profile of a soldier and his service with the army. Maybe you simply require a regimental service number, a date of enlistment, a place of burial, or indeed which unit or regiment a soldier served with.

Maybe you are in possession of medals or old photographs that you would like to know more about. Maybe you simply require help with a missing piece of the story of a soldier you have been researching yourself.

Perhaps your inquiry does not relate to an individual soldier but to a unit or regiment of the British Army and its history and service between 1745 and 1920. Perhaps you need the answer to a question about the army or the soldiers that served in it.

Whether you are looking for the answer to a question or require research to be carried out for a project, article or publication then the research team at Unknown Soldier can help.
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"I cannot thank you enough for your brilliant work in uncovering the career of Private Pearce [Peninsular War] ... I'm genuinely overwhelmed."
Quintin Watt from Worcestershire
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Private Samuel Evans of the 19th Regiment of Foot (later the Yorkshire Regiment) won a Victoria Cross in 1855 for his actions at Sebastopol during the Crimean War. He died in 1901 aged 80 years and is buried in the Piershill Cemetery in Edinburgh.
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