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Our World War II Package £125
For all enquiries relating to soldiers who served with the British Army between 1920 and 1945 an application must be made to the Ministry of Defence which currently holds service records for all military personnel who served between these years.

The Ministry charges a fee of £30 for each application unless the applicant is the spouse or parent of the person whose records are being sought.  Enquirers can apply directly to the Ministry for the records but will only be given full versions of the records if they are the next of kin of the person in question or if a period of at least 25 years has elapsed since his or her death and the date of the application.

Even these 'fuller' versions are typically brief and regimentally list columns of dates and events such as postings and promotions in a formalised and factual style without elaborating on details or being too explanatory.

With the World War II Package offered by Unknown Soldier, we can not only make the application for the records on behalf of enquirer, but we can study the information they contain and interpret it with a view to completing a full report on the soldier's military service.  This report would contain information on topics such as the campaigns, battles and major actions in which the soldier fought, with particular attention to any incidence where he was decorated, wounded, taken prisoner of war or killed.

Each report is presented in a folder with a themed cover page and all subsequent sheets watermarked with the regimental badge.  These reports are perfect as keepsakes for future generations or even as gifts.
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"Thank you again for the work you did researching my father's military career and the detail you have gone into for him.  If anyone expresses an interest in getting the same sort of work done on their family members I will certainly pass on your details."
Carol Buttacci from Hampshire
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British troops make their way to the flotilla of small boats during the evacuation from the beaches of Dunkirk in May and June 1944.
British troops landing on the beaches during the Allied Invasion of Sicily in July 1943.
D-Day Landings June 1944
British gliderborne troops prepare to take part in the airborne assault as part of Operation Overlord. 
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